At 4 Wicks Candle Co., we specialize in high-quality candles and aromatherapy products. 

We believe in the power of scent to transform any space and enhance the overall mood and well-being of those who use them. The inspiration for my brand was mirrored by the color, creativity, and uniqueness of my children. With each having its own style, personality, and flare, it was a joy using them for inspiration in my labor of love.

Our candles are made from all-natural coconut apricot crème wax and infused with phlalathe-free fragrance oils to provide a truly unique and aromatic experience. All products are 100% hand-poured and thoughtfully packaged in our space, for yours. Our offerings include a wide variety of scents that enable customers to enjoy their favorite blend of all seasons throughout the year. 

We'd like to thank you in advance for the support and hope you find a scent that you will love.